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Don’t troll me, babe: How I learned to stop worrying and love the beauty industry

Last week, Vice went to New York Fashion Week intent on shaming air-headed models, designers, bloggers and fans. But what started as trolling, ended in a surprisingly normal discussion about current events.

When reporters asked fashion week attendees about their views on police brutality and events in the Middle East, they expected to encounter blank stares and lol-worthy quotes. And, I’ll admit, when I saw the headline that’s exactly what I clicked to see.

But the assumption that professionals and fans of the fashion and beauty industries are just vacant losers looking for the next trend couldn’t be more misguided. And shaming men and women for their desire to look beautiful and feel good about themselves is wrong.

Since immersing myself in the field of beauty I’ve felt more creatively engaged and connected to the world around me than I ever have before. I’m happy! Before beauty I felt stuck. I spent my free time wondering why I never felt creatively satisfied.

When I left my tech industry job to go to beauty school I was biased. I thought I might be trapped in a building full of girly girls with half a brain who didn’t know what else to do with their lives. But as the weeks went by, my superiority complex faded.

What I found was a fearless community of men and women ready to work hard and explore their creativity in ways they never imagined.

My peers and I pushed ourselves to overcome fears and to find our own individual inspiration. We supported each other, cried together, created together and built friendships that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.

So let’s give each other a break, shall we? Let’s celebrate fashion and beauty in a healthy way. It’s not all money and celebrity. It’s serious creativity, confidence and inspiration on a personal and professional level.

I love what the industry has done for me. It fulfills me on so many levels. Sometimes it’s like junk food and other times it’s a deep soulful way to connect with the world. Either way, I’m thankful.

Peace Love and Lipstick,

Ryli Hennessey
StyleSeat Email Marketing Manager/Beauty Blog Contributor

From Wearable to WTF - We Tried These Hot Styles From NYFW

You know that bottle of hair gel you have stashed in the back of your vanity? The one you haven’t used since the 90s? Yep. That one. Get ready to make use of the beauty product you probably thought you’d never touch again.

If you’re like us you’ve been following every second of fashion and beauty coverage from New York Fashion Week. You also might have noticed that the runway this year has been dominated by styles with a bit of… crunch. A wet look and effortless undone styles emerged as the trends to try and StyleSeat team is ready to dive in! Join us if you dare and take a peek at our tutorials inspired by Spring 2015 styles.

Fishtail Pony at Dannijo

Credit: PopSugar

Start with a low pony tail. We chose to tie several black hair ties into the hair to give it a banded effect. Next, create a thick fishtail braid. To create the braid, split the hair into two strands. Take large pieces of hair from the outside on each strand and criss cross them over each other through the middle. We then tied off the fishtail braid with some fun gold chains and black hair ties. Simple, but eye-catching!

Wet Look with a Twist at Thakoon

Credit: Harpers Bazaar

Start by wetting your hair. Add gel and slick back with a comb. You want to create a wet look, so the more product the better! Next take a small section from each side of your hair and twist. Knot the two pieces of hair together, create a loop, knot it again and tie with a clear hair band.

Baby Hairs at DKNY

Credit: Black Book

It may not be everyday wearable, but we just had to try this style from DKNY. Start by creating a large zig zag part. Next, tie the hair into two low ponytails or braids. Use a tail comb to find the baby hairs at the front of your hairline. Use the back side of a comb and plenty of gel to slick your baby hairs down to your forehead.. Use a comb to play with your style and curve the hair in interesting directions. Just don’t move your forehead too much while the style sets!

If you were to try any one of these styles, which would it be? Comment below with your answers!


The StyleSeat Team

Congrats to our Brazilian Blowout Giveaway Winners!

Congrats to the winners of our Brazilian Blowout Giveaway: Camille H. and her stylist, Ashley Newton.

Camille’s winning prize includes a complimentary Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment at a salon near her, one of each of their retail products to keep hair looking fab, and a Michael Kors raffia tote. Can you say, jealous?!

Camille’s stylist, Ashley, will receive one small Brazilian Blowout Stylist Introductory Kit, one Brazilian Blowout Split End Kit, and Marketing collateral for her business.

Congratulations to both of our winners and we hope they enjoy all their goodies!

Don’t forget to enter more of our StyleSeat giveaways coming to you soon.


The StyleSeat Team

7 Must-See Looks From 2014 MTV VMA’s

Last night we witnessed some of the year’s hottest beauty looks on our favorite celebs at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. From Taylor Swift’s textured lob to Gwen Stefani’s retro style, you can find the best eye-turning hair and makeup looks below:

1) Beyonce - Queen Bey brought her A game, as per usual. She rocked softly tousled curls with a center part, earth toned makeup, and nude sparkling lips.

Photo credit: Popsugar Beauty

2) Demi Lovato - Demi toned down her punk-rock look for a softer, yet seductive style. She sported an undercut with a side-swept ombre bob and topped it off with a red lip.

Photo credit: Popsugar Beauty

3) Taylor Swift - Not only was her tiny romper fitting to her slim figure, but her teased lob, straight bangs, and crimson lips also added to her overall stunning appearance.

Photo credit: Huffington Post

4) Lucy Hale - As a co-host on the red carpet, Lucy’s beauty didn’t disappoint. She wore her ombre’d hair in a wavy pony with a smudgy eyeliner and bronzed makeup.

Photo credit: Popsugar Beauty

5) Iggy Azalea - Iggy stunned with a slicked back hairdo and nude lips. But even more impressive was her long, silver fit-n-flare gown by Versace.

Photo credit: E Online

6) Jourdan Dunn - The gorgeous model debuted her dramatic new cut at the awards show. We’re loving her sleek, asymmetrical take on the lob trend we’re seeing this season!

Photo credit: Popsugar Beauty

7) Kesha - Kesha swapped out her intense smokey eye look for more neutral tones last night. We think her multi-pastel mermaid hair did just the trick to give her a bright, fresh look while keeping her usual edge.

Photo credit: Popsugar Beauty

Did you have a favorite look from the night? Let us know in the comments below! And stay tuned for more celebrity beauty coverage.


The StyleSeat Team

Practice Safe Sun: Your Guide To End Of Summer Beauty

Summer is almost over, but we’re still dealing with the skin and hair issues that plague us during the summer months. To help you get through these last few weeks of our favorite season, the team at StyleSeat is giving you the scoop on their favorite summer products.

Ari Parikh - MOROCCANOIL Treatment

"Summer is just plain harsh on your hair. From chlorine-treated pools to the harsh rays of the summer sun, everything seems to be working against the health of my long hair. A few drops of this serum after the pool, before blowdrying, or on my way out the door to the park leaves it moisturized and shiny. I swear by it for the length of my hair - it keeps my ends protected and prevents nasty breakage!"

Lauren Pufpaf - Elta MD UV Physical Broad-Spectrum SPF 41

"I love EltaMD tinted sunscreen. It’s a physical sunscreen (not chemical) and I did not get burned at all after a week of diving in Belize. I don’t usually wear foundation on vacations, but a little coverage is nice and the tint on this one is perfect."

Ryli Hennessey- Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil

"Your hair deserves sunscreen, too! Sun damage can leave your hair dull and dry for the rest of the year, so take care of it now and thank yourself later. Just a couple of mists protects your hair, leaves it smelling great and gives it a shiny finish. A little goes a long way with this one, so don’t over apply. Use it during the winter months too when you want to add shine to your ‘do."

Ann Lai - Naruko Boutique

I swear by Taiwanese beauty products sold on Naruko Boutique for all of my skins care needs. Many of their products use extracts from a variety of native Taiwanese plants and they’re paraben, preservative and cruelty free. All of the products feel light on your skin, which is perfect for the summer months!

Michelle Dong - Qtica Intense Overnight Foot Repair Balm

"After a few glorious months of basking poolside, wake boarding at the lake house and swimming in 80 degree ocean water, we all start to notice a small downside of summer: sun, water and terra-cotta tiles can wreak havoc on your bare feet. I use Qtica Foot Repair Balm, a salicylic acid and beeswax balm that helps repair the damage and soften the skin. You wear the hydrating foot cream overnight with socks on (to lock in the moisture) and soon the only sign of your summer aftermath is the flip flop tan line you worked so hard for."

Even though these hot, summer days are slowly fading, it’s still more important than ever to protect your skin and hair from damage! And as always, check out for professionals in your area offering special treatments during this season!


The StyleSeat Team