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The Top 5 Most Bizarre Beauty Treatments Found on StyleSeat

When it comes to health and beauty, people are willing to do just about anything to get the results they want. From intense bruises to Dracula-approved injections of fresh blood, here are 5 of the most surprising services we’ve dug up from our StyleSeat pros.

1) Gua Sha

Gua Sha, also called spooning or coining in western countries, is a traditional form of Chinese medicine believed to release unhealthy elements from the body. During the treatment, skin is covered with massage oil and practitioners use a Chinese soup spoon or a well worn coin to create repeated pressure strokes over the skin. The marks you’ll see over treated areas are caused by broken capillaries and take about 2-4 days to fade. The treatment is used to cure anything from a fever to body aches.

2) Vampire Facial

How does getting your face stabbed with tiny needles full of your own blood sound? Pretty horrific, right? Well, the Hollywood hit Vampire Facial treatment actually promises younger, firmer looking skin but for quite a large price; a whopping $1,500. Trademarked by Alabama doctor Charles Runels, this facial uses a tool called a Dermapen that contains several acupuncture-sized needles that get injected into your face, causing you to bleed, and in most cases cry.

The 45-minute facial, tried by stars like Kim Kardashian and supermodel Bar Refaeli, typically surfaces results within a couple of days that last four to six months. However, we wouldn’t suggest getting one right before a big event, as the procedure causes much bleeding and swelling for the first 24 hours.

3) Vajacial

Also called a peach smoothie, the vajacial takes all the elements you’ve come to expect from a basic facial and applies them to your bikini line. The treatment was created to sooth irritation associated with shaving and waxing. Most practitioners start with an antibacterial cleanse, followed by a mask, an extraction of ingrown hairs and finishing with a second soothing mask. The treatment may take its inspiration from the facial, but it is far from the relaxing experience we’re familiar with.

4) Ear Candling

Ear candling is a technique that leaves your ear canals feeling clean and clear. The theory behind this process is that the heat from the flame will create suction that draws the earwax into the hollow candle. After the procedure, a dark and waxy mass is usually left in the stub of the candle, showing the success of removing ear wax and debris. Many cases show that it has been used as a treatment for sinus infections and as a way to improve overall hearing. This 30-45 minute process is non-invasive and a narcotic effect which is very relaxing for the patient.

5) Bottom Facial

Inspired by celebrity “belfies,” woman are shelling out as much as $500 to get a cellulite and blemish free behind. The bottom facial treatment includes a combination of exfoliating scrub, laser treatment and firming moisturizer, used to create a smooth, toned, beach-ready behind. If you’re ready to share your “belfie” to the world, be sure to invest in a bottom facial beforehand!

Interested in trying out these services? Head to and search for one in your area today!


The StyleSeat Team

3 French ‘Dos That Are Très Facile

Dress your tresses like the French in honor of Bastille Day.

The StyleSeat Team is bringing you three tutorials to help you create your own classic French styles in honor of the holiday. Read on for quick and easy steps to create your own French braid, chignon or French twist styles!

French Braid:

What you’ll need: Bobby pins, ponytail holders, comb, hairspray.

1. Part the hair where you would like to see the braid start.

2. Create a french braid that goes over the crown of the head and ends at the opposite ear.

3. Braid the remainder of the length of the hair into a traditional braid.

4. Create a ponytail out of the unbraided section of hair.

5. Wrap the braid around the ponytail and pin.

6. Create a loose bun with the unbraided section of hair.

7. Set the hair with hairspray.


What you’ll need: Curling iron, bobby pins, u-shaped hairpins, ponytail holders, comb, hairspray.

1. For extra volume and hold, lightly set your hair in curls.

2. Separate the front and back of your hair at the ear.

3. Pull the back section of the hair into a low ponytail.

4. Pin the hair in your ponytail up to create a base for your style.

5. Roll the hair under and pin with bobby pins.

6. Fan out the rolled hair and pin the sides with u-shaped hairpins.

7. Use the front sections of your hair to cross over the rolled hair and pin underneath.

8. Set the hair with hairspray.

French Twist:

What you’ll need: Curling iron, bobby pins, u-shaped hairpins, ponytail holders, comb, hairspray.

1. Separate the front section of hair from the back.

2. Lightly set the front section in curls.

3. Tease the top of the back section for extra lift. In order to create a great base, hold and comb straight down.

4. Pull the back section of hair to one side and pin in a zig-zag pattern starting from the bottom.

5. Roll the hair and pin with u-shaped hairpins.

6. Use the front sections of hair to cover any visible pins and create your own style! You can use u-shaped hairpins to loosely hold your curls or pull the hair back for a super sleek look.

7. Set the hair with hairspray.

Wishing everyone a Happy Bastille Day! For more holiday hair inspiration, check out our featured photos page.


The StyleSeat Team

StyleSeat Summer Giveaway Winners

Photo Credit: Marchelle McKeirnan

Help us in congratulating the 3 winners of this year’s StyleSeat Summer Giveaway: Ashlie Cade, Kent Lane, & Sheila Johnson!

These lucky winners will all receive a free $150 StyleSeat Gift Card to be used on any beauty service(s) with a StyleSeat professional of their choice online!

With summer now upon us, it’s important to look our best in the sunshine. Head to to book a hair, wax, or tanning appointment before your next vaca! And as always, be sure to look out for more StyleSeat giveaways, coming soon.


The StyleSeat Team

7 Must-Copy 4th of July Nail Art Looks

Independence Day is here! And with it comes BBQs, sunshine, fireworks and the occasion to shine at any gathering with a nail game that is completely on point.

Check out these 7 nail art looks for some inspiration that will have your friends envying your summer mani.

Modern Day Pinup

Pair it with a circle skirt, a big sunhat and a pair of kitten heels and you’ll have a look that is retro perfection.

Photo Credit: HB Pilates

Picnic Chic

This look is perfect for a 4th of July BBQ in the park. Classic with just enough sparkle to celebrate the holiday.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Stars And Stripes

This look may be a little detailed for a DIY so make your nail appointment now! StyleSeat hosts many of the best nail artists in the country who are ready to help you recreate the look.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

"Cause Baby You’re A Firework!”

Break out the gems and your nail art brush! In just a few brush strokes you’ll have a 4th of July nail look perfectly suited for a warm summer night.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Holiday Caviar

It’s as easy as mixing red, silver and blue micro beads and pressing them into your nails. Seal into place with a top coat and you’re ready for the holiday weekend!

Photo Credit: The Daily Varnish

Stars, Stripes and Sparkle

Having trouble deciding which nail art look to choose? Who cares! Rock a mani that shows off your creativity. After all, what better time than Independence Day to get experimental with your beauty look.

Photo Credit: Will Paint Nails For Food

The Classic Patriot

It’s as simple as stars and stripes! This nail art look is full of flare, but light on fuss. A nail art brush and a bit of patience is all it takes.

Photo Credit: On The Coast Nails

Don’t be the only one at the beach without festive 4th of July nails! If you haven’t already, head to and book your nail appointment today- before it’s too late!


The StyleSeat Team

The Top 5 Winning Hairstyles of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Are you watching the World Cup today? No matter which country you’re rooting for, it all comes down to the beauty of these players- especially their hair!

Check out our top 5 picks for the best hairstyles of the 2014 FIFA World Cup:

1. America The Beautiful

Photo Credit: MSL Soccer

We can’t stop dreaming about Kyle Beckerman, the mid-field powerhouse for Team USA. His infamous dreadlocks and boyish smile make for 90 minutes of solid football. Inspired by a Bob Marley album cover, his statement hair has been a bigger focus in soccer blogs then his actual game (which is also top-notch, btw).

2. America The Beautiful, Part 2

Photo Credit: Midwest Sports Fans

Graham Zusi, another player for the USA team, wouldn’t dare let his long hair get in the way of his killer soccer game. His signature headbands not only keep his hair back, but they make a pretty flashy fashion statement that we’re adding to our hot list. Fashion AND function. We’re definitely fans.

3. Do It For The Cause

Photo Credit: Digital Spy

Reigning from Portugal and tugging at our heart strings, comes Cristiano Ronaldo, the sexy forward with a penchant for charitable acts. Following the sponsorship of a young girl’s brain surgery, Ronaldo etched a zig zag into the right side of his head to mirror her scar. Swoon.

4. Hip-Hip-Hiiipster!

Photo Credit: RAW

Raul Meireles from Portugal plays for Turkey club Funerbahce, but he could pass for your local hipster off the field. A slim mohawk, full ‘stache, and an impressive beard… someone hand this man a PBR. His ever-changing hairstyles paired with his rumored hair transplant, land him on our list of fave footballers. Because after all, why should women be the only ones concerned about preserving our youth?

5. Oui, s’il vous plaît

Photo Credit: News N Wall

What do you say about a hairstyle that speaks for itself? Paul Pogba rocks the frohawk, a term coined for textured faux hawks, and adds some extra flavor with bleached accents and head designs. The French midfielder’s unique style on and off the field make him a star fashion player in our book and have us saying “oui, s’il vous plaît”. (Or as we say in the US, yes, please).

Even if you aren’t a World Cup soccer player, you can still look like one. Book your next FIFA-inspired ‘do on StyleSeat today!


The StyleSeat Team