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Bold Brunette Hair Colors for All Skin Tones

Who says brunettes don’t have fun? If you had brown hair all your life or recently joined the dark side, you’ll need to understand the different hues of brown hair and what skin tones look the best with each. Many people think that women with golden toned skin look the best with dark brown hair but that actually isn’t the case. Pale women can also pull off this severe shade as long as it has an ashy or reddish tinge to it. Here are some popular brown hair color trends that will give you inspiration for your new makeover.


Photo Credit: Lea Creese, Mary EllsburyJulie Oneal, Audrey Warner

Golden Brown:

Light, medium, and dark golden brown are absolutely beautiful tones that shine brightly in the sunshine. If you have olive skin, the gold will look stunning against your skin and spruce up your look perfectly. If your skin is pale and you still want to try out a golden shade, opt for a light caramel golden brown. If you’re a natural blonde, you can do the alternative of adding in light golden brown lowlights.


Photo Credit: Joey Rush

Ash Brown:

An ashy brown will subdue any unwanted gold or red tones. This is the perfect shade for a light skin tone since it won’t wash you out. If you feel like this color needs a bit more dimension, add in some natural toned light brown highlights. This will make the color more lively, earthy, and looks incredible against alabaster skin.


Photo Credit: Donna Mee

Reddish Brown:

Red-toned brown hair works for every skin tone and displays a warm glow. If you have warm skin, select a dark reddish brown or a burgundy to brown out green or brown eyes immensely. If you have very light skin with blue eyes, don’t go too dark, select a light or medium reddish brown to soften up your appearance.


Photo Credit: Stacy Alugas

Remember to have fun with your hair and experiment! With so many hues of brown hair you’ll certainly find the one that suits you the best. 

Interested in going brunette? Head to and find a professional in your area who has expertise in hair color. And be sure to check out the StyleSeat photos page for more hair color inspiration.

Must-Know Details on When Your Skin Care Products Expire

Everyone has a favorite product- the only mascara that never clumps, foundation in the perfect shade that’s been discontinued, or that signature pink lipstick- but how do you find out the details on when your skin care products expire? The good news is that sealed makeup generally remains contaminant free, so if you know a color is being discontinued, you can stockpile without waste. The bad news is that sharing a product with others compounds your risk of infection, according to Marie Claire. So, onto the important information- what’s safe?


Photo Credit: Elegance Delivered

Lip Products

Both lipstick and lip liner are generally safe for 1 year from the day they were first used. Some experts suggest that liner can last for up to 3 years and lipstick can last for up to 4 years when stored correctly. A reminder here that if someone else frequently borrows your lip products, you might want to discard them sooner or at least use an applicator with a little rubbing alcohol to clean the surface of the product. Also, consider the sniff test- if your lipstick doesn’t smell fresh, its time to try out a new tube. Storing lipstick in the fridge may delay this, less-than-pleasant, process.

Photo Credit: Gwen Pettie

Facial Products

Foundation usually has a shelf-life of 3 to 6 months, with concealer lasting up to 12 months, depending on the applicator used. Some experts say foundation can last up to 18 months, but always monitor for changes in smell, texture, and consistency. If a water-based foundation becomes dry, toner can be added to revive it. Natural products should be discarded every 6 months or so, as they do not contain preservatives and may spoil quickly. Cleansers are usually fine for 12 months, and brushes and sponges should be cleaned weekly to maintain optimum health.


Photo Credit: Shannon Michelle

Eye Products

Ah, eye products- this seems to be everyone’s primary concern when determining make-up expiration dates. Mascara only lasts for 3 to 4 months, depending on if you pump the wand when you apply it. The additional exposure to air makes it more likely to dry out! Eyeshadow can last up to 3 years, although most experts recommend a yearly clean out of makeup products. Eye liners may last up to 12 months, although they should be discarded if they are exposed to any potential eye issues, as they can lead to recurring infections.


Photo Credit: Yas Soroush

Although most brands of cosmetics offer a way to check the batch number and date of production, when in doubt- throw it out! If a change in color, texture, or odor is noted it’s likely best to open a new tube. No matter how perfect a cosmetic product is, it isn’t worth fighting off an infection or seeking treatment for a preventable problem. Besides, it’s a great excuse to try out a new shade and explore!

3 Hot Hair Trends To Try For The Summer

With the sunny, summer months upon us, heat damage is at its all-time high. It’s time to let your stylist kick the curling iron and blow dryer, and go with a chic up-do! Along with keeping your hair up off of your neck and shoulders, keeping you nice and cool while you’re out and about, you can give your hair a much-needed rest from constant flat-iron frying and frizz. Currently the hottest hair trends to try? Fishtail braids, high ponytails, and messy buns!

1) The Fishtail Braid

Also called the fishbone braid and/or the herringbone braid, both Kim and Khloe Kardashian have been spotted sporting this decorous hairdo. This style works with medium to long hair of any type, and can be adjusted to match your own personal style. Wear it loose and messy for a casual-yet-still-flirty look, dress it up with accessories for instant uniqueness, or ask your stylist to make it tight and neat for a formal, sharp appearance.


Photo Credit: Leanna Kyle

2) The High Ponytail

Low-maintenance hairstyles are all the rage right now, and ponytails are no exception; Blake Lively, Nina Dobrev, and Selena Gomez have all utilized this blazing-hot trend! Intricate or simple, elegant or tousled, this look can be modified to suit any and every personality. 


Photo Credit: Damon Alfonso


Photo Credit: Gracie B

3) The Messy Bun

Dozens of celebs, like Gwenyth Paltrow, Vanessa Hudgens and Leona Lewis, have been spotted rocking this chic coiffure. The best part about this look is its ridiculous versatility. It can be dressed up with headbands, pins, barrettes, and just about any other hair accessory to perfectly match your makeup, manicure, and more! This works for short, medium, and long hair lengths, bangs or no bangs. For added volume and texture, ask your stylist to add clip-in extensions to your bun.


Photo Credit: Rachel Tindall

Dying to try one of these yourself? Head to today to find and book an appointment with one of our beauty professionals, and let us help you to achieve your desired summer hairstyle!

Beat the Heat with These Five Melt-Proof Makeup Tricks

Summer wreaks havoc on our faces. As the temperature and humidity rise, makeup seems to run and melt right off. For many, sweat-proof makeup techniques are a necessity not just at the gym. A normal workday can bring increased shine and smeared makeup. Keep your face looking fresh and your makeup in place with the following melt-proof makeup tricks:


Photo Credit: Joy Randall

     1. Apply a primer. 

Paint sticks to a surface better when you use primer. The same is true about makeup. Getting your foundation to last relies on a good primer. Pick up one of any number of brands. Apply a pea-size amount over your moisturized skin. 

      2. Use less. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the more foundation you apply, the more likely it is to stay on. Caking more on will just give you more to sweat off. Try applying a little less to a damp foam-latex makeup sponge. Use outward short strokes, starting at the middle of your face. Let it set for a few minutes before applying more.


Photo Credit: Lindsay Longchaya

      3. Sweat-proof your eyes. 

First, opt for a liquid liner. It completely dries and smudges much less when the heat rises than a traditional pencil liner. Secondly, always go with a waterproof mascara in the summer. Lastly, powder shadows do not stand up well to sweat. Opt for a cream shadow. As an added bonus, cream shadows usually shimmer in the sun.


Photo Credit: Dominique Hernandez

     4. Save the powder blush for winter. 

Once again powder and sweat are a bad combination. Instead, use a cream or gel blush.

     5. De-shine with oil-blotting sheets. 

Resist applying extra powder to control your shiny T-zone. Instead, invest in these sheets that absorb oil while keeping your makeup in place. 


Photo Credit: Misty Spinney

Treat yourself to a professional makeup service today! Head to to book a makeup appointment by a professional in your area. You deserve to enjoy the summer and look great.


Tips for Fighting Oily Summer Skin!

The heat of the summer sun brings us happiness, tan lines, and unfortunately, oily summer skin. When we’re laying in the sun or out on the town, it can be hard to avoid feeling like everyone is staring at your skin. No one wants to feel self-conscious about oily skin, so we came up with five tips for fighting your oily skin this summer!


Photo Credit: Amber AmosSonia CastleberryImago Dei by Milan, and Nancy Pham

Stay Hydrated:

Drinking plenty of water is a generic rule that is always stressed for general well-being, but it is especially helpful for keeping your skin oil-free. Having enough water flushes out toxins in your skin and prevents your face from producing excess oil. Because forgetting to drink water is so easy to do, try carrying around a reusable water bottle in your purse or car so that you always have water on hand.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is a magical plant that is great for after-sun care on those days when you get a little burned. The plant also has great drying properties that you can use to clear out your pores. For an oil-free day, apply as a mask in the morning and let dry for a few minutes before rinsing.


Photo credit: Jessica Orozco

Oil Absorbing Pads:

Oil absorbing sheets and pads are wonderful to carry in your purse everywhere you go. Use them when you go to the bathroom and share the love with your friends. These are great because they can be used over your makeup without smudging it or removing it. It leaves your face feeling matte, clean, and ready for anything.

Baking Soda Mask:

This classic baking soda mask is great for relieving blackheads and neutralizing your skin to reduce excess oil. All it takes is about a tablespoon of baking soda and a splash of water, which should be mixed together until a light paste is formed. Apply to your skin and let it dry for 5-7 minutes. Gently rub the baking soda in light circles on your face to exfoliate your skin and get rid of the gunk before rinsing clean and drying.


Photo Credit: Aliaco


Be aware of the products that you put on your skin, such as lotions and hair products that can get onto your face. These can clog your pores and lead to an increase in oil production. Your diet can also be very influential on your skin. Try sticking with fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoid large amounts of dairy and greasy foods which can make you break out.

In need of professional help? Head to StyleSeat and book a facial treatment to help get rid of excess oil on your face today!